Academic Services - Applicant to Enrolment conversion report

ACSRC Flow Cytometer Users mailing list

Azure activity_sdj_support

Agile Community of Interest

Learning Design Services-Leadership Group Mailing List

IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group

List of all academic staff

All NZ schools except Auckland

List of all professional staff

Anthropology Post-Graduate Enquiries

Anthropolgy Undergraduate List

Asia Pacific Corpus Linguistics Association

Auckland Pharmacometrics Group

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Group Apps Developers

PhD Architecture and Planning students


Genomic Centre

Auckland Science Analytical Services Test Mailer

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Learning Design Services Group Mailing List

AWS CER devops Mailing List

AWS NIHI devops Mailing List

AWS Sandbox devops Mailing List

AWS Security Admin Mailing List



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Conference communications

Sensorimotor Neuroscience

Nikon E800


CCOE China Ga

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Pgdip list

Chemistry Teaching Staff

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship staff

Climate change information

Cloud Team


media alerts

Masters of Conflict and Terrorism Studies

All staff in the Connect Applications teams

All staff in the technical analyst group

All staff in the developer group

All staff in the QA group

All staff in the application specialist group

All staff in the architect group

Datrium Infrastructure System Alerts

Digital Workspace Platform Team

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Connect Leadership Group

Science IS staff

ServiceNow Value Stream

Contracts for Service announcements

NICAI Permanent Teaching Staff- Formal Communications

museum curators

Cultural Collections team communications and leave notification

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PhD Dance students


Design Service Roles

Development Studies programme list


General List

University of Auckland DPS users account mailing list

DSA Leadership Team

List of staff in Digital Strategy and Architecture (includes approved associates)

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DSS reports on admissions to deans and others

Stage 1

Economics Stage 2




efts concessions report

PhD Elam students

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Mailing for the front desk team


Earthscience and geophysics postgraduate students




SOE Geog Hons

Geography Masters students

Geography PhD students


environment Science newsletter



eResearch Dropbox

eResearch Event

Examinations Office Newsletter

Faculty team 3 mailing list


Leased Asset Administrators - Finance

Month end


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FMHS Sustainability

Announcements for users of Moodle at Faculty of Education

Avdertising for Wellington area schools

Faculty of Science Academic Staff

Degree Restructure

Faculty of Science Professional Staff


Faculty of Science Sustainability Networks - Sustainable Development Goals

Technical Staff List

Faculty of Science Wellbeing Email List

Women in the Faculty of Science

Funding Calls

IAM Team Alert Mailing List

IAM Team Mailing List

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Infrastructure cloud team

Infrastructure Collaboration Team

Infrastructure Datacentre Team

Infrastructure Files and Storage

Infrastructure Team

infrastructure leadership

Infrastructure Network Team

Infrastructure Network and Security

Infrastructure Os and Pool


All Infrastructure Staff

Infrastructure Software and Database Team


Adv for interm Auckland schools

All IPAM users

IPAM notifications - department and faculty users

IPAM notifications - ITS users

IPAM notifications - power users

ISOM Undergraduate students


emns selms alert recipients [prod]

emns selms alert recipients [test]

ESB Class Cohort Eroor

alumni-identity-subscriber alerts

Quovadis Certificate WS

ITS Risk & Issues Report

SAS CS9 team list

SAS Research team

ITS Strategy & Design News

ITS Security

ITS Voice Services Mailing List

ITS BI & Applications Applications Development

IT Skills Email Alerts

IT Skills Email Alerts


Law student targeted mailing list

Law PhD Students

UoA Learning Design Community of Interest

National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries Lecturers

Faculty of Arts Lecturers

Faculty of Business & Economics Lecturers

Faculty of Education lecturers

Faculty of Engineering lecturers

Faculty of Medical and Health Science lecturers

School of Law Lecturers

Lecturers from other divisions and departments

Faculty of Science lecturers

All Lecturers

Liggins Equity Forum

IT Coordinators Group, Libraries and Learning Services

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MAPAS Nursing Y1

ICMI NZ announcements

MBioEnt Students 2016 mailing list

Bioscience enterprise industry supervisors 2015

MBioEnt Students 2015 mailing list


Math Education Reading Group

Maths Education Seminar Series

MPP Alumni



School of Music permanent and contracted staff

PhD Music students

A test of netaccount membership synchronisation

NESTT Special Conditions for Tests & Exams

Chemical Sciences

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Support

NZCSRSC 2015 conference

Early Career Urban Research Network

NZ flow cytometry mailing list

NZJ Math Orcid

New Zealand Mac Administrators

nz zheda alumni admins

Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand


University of Auckland Payline user account mailing list


MBioEnt Students 2015 mailing list

Astrophysics Journal Club Mailing List

Century Two Mailing List

Physics Newsletter

Physics TAGTA Students

Physics Undergraduate Students, S1, S2, S3

Physics Visitors

Pacific Invasives Initiative

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PMCOI invites

Policy Studies Network

Mentoring FoEDSW

All primary NZ schools except Auckland


Psychology Cog-Neuro Mailing list

PSYCH Colloquium

International Student


Psych PG International Students

Women working within the School of Psychology

Point Chevalier

Pukeko Logic group

Messages for SBS course coordinators

Mailing list for all SBS postgraduate students

All Staff of School of Biological Sciences

News for Building 733, School of Biological Sciences, Tamaki Campus

Messages for SBS technical staff

Messages for SBS teaching technical staff

All Staff and Postgraduate Students of School of Biological Sciences

Student Contact Centre Leadership Team

SciQuest ERM all users

SCREEN BA HONS and PGDAR Students 2013

SCREEN Masters students

Global mailing list for students with disabilities

All NZ schools except Auckland

Shalvin's test list

Sociology PTFs

Sociology Seminars

SSCC mailing list

Toxicants and Society


Sport and recreation

SRC mailing list

QuoVadis SSL Expiry Notices

Student Services Online Users



What's On


Taming the BEAST

Teaching Design and Development Governance Group

Te Toi Ahurangi ki te Raki


testing a list


TIES mailing list

TPW Postgraduate

Late Antiquity



Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Undergraduate Mathematics Community Mailing List

A list for emailing upper North Island ECE providers.

List for emailing principals across the upper North Island (Auckland and Te Tai Tokerau).

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uniservices api faults


JAMF notifications

JAMF notifications

Telephone Reception Updates

Urban Research

Undergraduate Women in Science

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